To date, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some pretty great organizations.  Here are some of them.

Automotive and Performance Motorsport

Canadian Rally Championship, Rocket Rally Racing, American Rally Association, TEST Racing, Rally Promoter Association of Canada, Fox Subaru, Inside Track News Magazine, Subaru Six Star Magazine,

Outdoor Retailers and Sport Leagues

Altitude Sports, Mammut Alpine, Sportscheck, The Radical Edge, Live Out There, The Outbound Collective, Wostawea Ski Club, Triathlon New Brunswick, Grimcross Cyclocross Racing League, Capital City Roller Derby

Photography Industry

Panasonic Canada, F-Stop Gear, Affinity By Serif, Acratech, Sleeklens

Fine Art Publications and Galleries

Gallery 78, Halation Magazine, Arabella Magazine, American Art Collector, Studio Magazine

Other Assorted Cool Organizations

City of Fredericton, Tourism Saskatchewan, Sail Scotland Magazine, Simon Fraser University, Moosehorn Natural Wildlife Refuge, Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, Liv9 Nutrition

February 8, 2016